Shipping and importing with JGI

Founded in 1984, Scarbrough International, is an international freight forwarder and U.S. customs brokerage. They have a stellar reputation for on-time shipping with great shipping rates and partner offices all over the world. JGI has been working with them for over 10 years. 

Over 20% of Scarbrough’s import staff are licensed U.S. customs brokers and certified customs specialists so when it comes to importing PPE they are completely tuned-in to all the challenges surrounding shipping PPE product, including the extra regulations, paperwork, and import scrutiny.

Working with them helps to ensure product moves quickly through customs without delay or issues, both for China customs exit and USA customs entry. Read more here.

JGI shipping times from time of order are currently:

  • Standard air-freight 2 weeks (small and medium orders)
  • UPS fast air-freight 8-11 days (small and medium orders)
  • Chartered air-freight 7-9 days (large orders)
  • Fast boat 4 weeks (large orders)
  • Ocean freight 6 weeks (large orders)

Call  +1 (262) 672-6373 to talk to our Western team in China or click below to email.