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KN95 face masks. High protection with a comfortable ear, nose, and secure face fit design. Quality inspected and verified by American QC teams. Great for home or work use. Non-Surgical.

  • QUALITY CONTROL – Our KN95 face masks (non-surgical) meet quality control standard GB2626-2006. How do we know this? Because our American quality control teams inspect each manufacturing run at the source, in the factory. We follow our own 30-point quality control check.
  • QUALITY VERIFICATION – Our team then follows up with independent lab testing to verify our own QC factory findings. This independent testing verifies that our KN95 masks meet or exceed ≥ 95% filtration efficiency and the complete quality control standard before we ship to the USA.
  • MASK CONSTRUCTION – Jade KN95 Masks are made of a breathable protective outer layer, large particle non-woven and fine particle non-woven filter layers and a comfort inner layer. The nose clip is plastic with a galvanized steel (or aluminum) reinforcement. The ear loops are made of a polyurethane + polyester strap.
  • ADJUSTABLE NOSE PIECE – An essential part of ≥95% filtration efficiency is a really good adjustable nose piece. Our adjustable nose piece will provide a great seal which is essential for protection, plus this enhanced seal will help to significantly reduce glasses from fogging up.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE – This is a non-surgical mask, not suitable for harmful gases and steam. Not suitable for hypoxic environments, underwater operations, or firefighting. Not to be used by children. Adult use only. This mask is recommended to not exceed 8 hours use.


This 3D KN95 face mask was designed with quality filtration, protection, and breathability as top priorities. A lightweight feel and a snug ergonomic fit offer the wearer a highly comfortable, secure, and confident experience. Suitable for occupational or home use, excluding medical use. This non-medical, non-surgical face mask was manufactured to QC standard GB2626-2006 and inspected by Americans at the factory. In manufacturing, particularly when sourcing and bringing product in from China…you get what you inspect, not what you expect. During the current COVID-19 pandemic a lot of fake masks and other PPE product is being sourced quickly and shipped to the USA. Much of this fake product ends up getting destroyed with dollars and time lost, or worse, slipping through customs and reaching the consumer. All while lives are on the line. Jade Facemasks & PPE’s aim is to change all this. The best way to effectively and consistently control product quality from China is to be in the factory and verify your own quality control independent from the QC the factory offers you, then verify your finding with a qualified 3rd party testing labs. We do this and more with American quality control teams embedded in the factory to manage quality control on a lot by lot basis before following up with independent testing labs. We verify at the source and make sure before we ship KN95 masks to the USA so you can rest assured that the masks you order here meet or exceed quality control standards.