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Trusted Source – Our business model, for all JGI product, is controlling quality at the source, in the factory, via experienced Westerners who live in China. Western project management, with a hands-on approach during production runs, plus Western QC inspection is how we ensure and verify quality before shipping any product.  

Why JGI for KN95, 3-Layer, and N95 face masks?

1. JGI is an American company who also operate in China (since 2006). 

2. In manufacturing, you get what you inspect, not what you expect. We inspect and a lot more at the source to ensure quality is met and that no games are played. We make sure before shipping.

3. All orders are placed with JGI in the USA. All payments are processed in the USA through American banks, and NOT international wires to China. You can rest assured that all transaction are legitimate.

4. As the importer of record, JGI takes on liability, plus all shipping, import, and duty responsibilities. The result is a headache free door to door buying experience.

Quality Control – Our line of face masks continues with our business model of having Westerners in China to oversee all aspects of manufacturing. We have Western QC teams at our pre-qualified face mask factories to quality inspect production and verify all end product via independent lab testing before shipping.

How do we control quality for PPE face masks?

1. We have visited over 100 KN95, 3-Layer, and N95 mask factories in order to qualify a handful of suppliers who can meet accepted QC standards.

2. Our Western QC teams are in the factory monitoring production in real-time to ensure correct raw materials are used and that manufacturing standards meet our QC program requirements.

3. Lab tests are performed in the factory and followed up with independent lab testing to ensure relevant QC standards are met.

4. Our QC system includes managing production with lot traceability that is controlled via a custom QC app coded by JGI’s IT team.

Quality control, as terminology, is thrown around a lot, everyone selling masks talks about quality but in reality almost no one is doing the hard work required to actually ensure quality. Instead they hide behind factory claims of quality and bury their head in the sand when it comes to doing proper due diligence on the factories themselves. When it comes to production and the crucial quality control verification of face mask product, most are nowhere to be found.

In manufacturing, particularly in China, you get what you inspect, not what you expect. At JGI, we inspect and a lot more because we understand China manufacturing, we understand China business culture, and we understand that to not take a hands-on approach to quality control in China is to just roll the dice. We have over 13 years of on the ground experience in China that allows us to navigate partnerships and enforce our Western QC programs on the factory floor. 

With JGI as the importer of record you don’t have to be concerned about shipping and importing. But if you do have concerns please review our shipping partner Scarbrough and this PDF which shows that they are completely on top of all PPE import requirements. Logistical awareness that helps to ensure on-time delivery.

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