3 Layer Face Masks

Our general purpose non-medical 3 layer disposable face masks are suitable for use in low risk environments which can include everyday tasks like shopping and for low risk workplace environments. If you need increased protection during COVID-19 times then a KN95 face mask will provide you with a greater level of protection. 

The big issue for you is is how do you determine if the 3 layer face masks you are about to buy are authentic? How do you verify quality when you are not in China to quality control inspect? 

That is where our Western quality control team in China comes in. Our Western QC team vets and qualifies partner factories we know we can work with, then we embed our QC teams in the factory to work our QC program separate from the factory QC program. We follow up with in-factory lab testing plus independent lab testing to verify our own QC findings before we ship any 3 layer face masks to the West. This JGI QC process ensures our 3 layer face masks provide great protection, offer the wearer a comfortable ear, nose, and overall face fit, and are manufactured in a robust way. The end result is a highly comfortable, secure, and confident experience for the face mask wearer.

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Wisconsin based but we have also been operating in China since 2006. As such we understand both Western customer expectations and how to navigate in China. Which is crucial for keeping outside suppliers in check..


JGI opened in 2006 but many of the Western staff have been in China for much longer. We know all the warning signs and games that bad China suppliers play because we thoroughly understand China business culture.


Our non-medical / non surgical 3 layer face masks are for general purpose use in a low risk environment.There are different standards for 3 layer face masks depending on the end use. Talk to us to learn what’s right for you.


Color is typically blue or white. Adult size only. Adjustable nose piece. Ear loops. Non-medical / non-surgical use only. Comfort fit, with protection against non-oil small particles when used in a low risk environment. General use only.


When you are not in China how do you know that the certification(s) some China factory shows you is legit or that the certifications / lab test matches the product you are buying? JGI verifies all certs directly with the factory and re-verifies through the FDA.


Our business model is founded on Westerners who work and live in China. They project manage production and hands-on control quality to ensure compliance at every stage. From RAW material checks to production QC, and follow through with independent QC lab testing.


In manufacturing, particularly in China, you get what you inspect, not what you expect. At JGI, we inspect and a heck of a lot more to ensure our customers get a quality verified product, a compliant product, and a product that is still a great price.


JGI customers enjoy the best of both worlds. China level pricing for product that meets Western quality standards. Plus all purchase orders and payments are made to JGI (a USA company). NO international wire payments required when you work with JGI


As the importer of record, JGI takes on the liability risk, plus all shipping, import, and duty responsibilities.The result is a headache free door to door buying experience. You place the order, we fulfill it. It really is that simple..

All JGI 3 layer face masks are quality control inspected by Western QC teams, in China, at the factory. We then follow up with independent lab testing to ensure quality before shipping. SOME OF THE QUALITY CONTROL STEPS OUR WESTERN QC TEAMS IN CHINA PERFORM INCLUDE: